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Aztalan Cycle Club faces I-94 (between Madison and Milwaukee) with Highway 26 east of the facility and Highway 89 west. The club grounds lie north of Highway B on Gomoll Road. Our 32 acres include a 1.25 mile long MX track and a 1⁄4 mile clay oval short track.

The club members are part owners of the grounds. Insurance liabilities require that only members and their immediate families (see below) be allowed on the grounds on non-race day. Members are given a gate key and must be vigilant that the gate remains locked at all times. We cannot risk losing the grounds to someone there who is not a club member. Members and their families are expected to carry their membership card and key with them at all times while at the track.

Track prep is done by a small group of volunteers who spend hours grooming. Each track requires watering along with the grooming. In September of 2013 the club finished installing an MX Track Automatic Watering system in which a few members manage to ensure better riding conditions for club members. At times you may be asked to lift a hose to facilitate better track condition. Typically auto-watering is done twice daily, but often the weather interferes with those plans. In addition there is a Member Alert program to notify members that the MX track has been groomed. Members must sign up to be included in the list.

Aztalan hosts monthly MX events beginning in April and continuing through October. These are held on the second Sunday of each month. Typically both tracks close Friday at 5 PM and reopen Monday at 9 AM. This is dependent on the schedule of events for the race weekend. Short Track Events are held the third Saturday June, July & September and fourth Saturday in August. On Short Track weekends, the MX track closes Saturday at noon. Both tracks are closed on Short Track Saturday and both would reopen Sunday morning. Check the website for list of dates.

Memberships in the club are available on an individual or family basis. The individual membership applies to anyone 18 years of age or older. The family memberships consist of a primary member at least 18 years of age, and may include his or her immediate family. The immediate family would include spouse, significant other and dependent children under the legal age. Membership DOES NOT include neighbors, in-laws, or friends. Bringing a non-member to the track will result in your expulsion from the club.

There are two kinds of membership in the Aztalan Cycle Club: working and non-working. The working membership requires a commitment of a FIVE-HOUR DAY (at least) in an assigned committee on SEVEN DIFFERENT DAYS. Two workdays must be completed in August, September or October. Flaggers can earn two days of work if they flag for ten or more hours. The minimum age for a worker is 16. Workers who do not fulfill the requirements of their committee may not renew for five years. New members will be expected to flag for their first two years unless they have exceptional skills that could be useful elsewhere. A New Working membership is $200 the first year. If the member completes seven days in their assigned committee (minimum of five hours each!), they will be refunded $150 and may renew the following year for free. A Non-working Membership costs $560 the first year and $525 for each year thereafter. Non-working Members pay the gate fees on race day, but may join the Working group in overnight camping.

The biggest advantage of being a non-working or a renewing working member is that you receive the gate key in spring. New working members receive their gate key upon completion of three days of work in their assigned committee. The tracks are open for member practice from 9 am until dusk on most days. It is recommended you check the website for updates. If the track were being groomed, you may be limited to certain areas. If the track is being changed, the track would be closed. That info would be given via the above-mentioned source.

Both groups of members need to be aware of the track rules, and must observe them. Failure to do so could result in your removal from the club.

Membership Forms

Here you will find the forms necessary for applying for a new membership or renewing an existing membership. Fill out the application form and then click generate. This will generate the mailable form with all of your information already populated.

Documents for both new and renewing memberships

Documents for new memberships

Documents for renewing memberships