Club Rules

Club grounds are to be used for recreational riding and club race events only.

Any infraction may result in immediate dismissal from the club.

  1. Both Gates MUST be kept LOCKED at all times.
  2. You may not bring guests (riding or not) with you on non-race days.
  3. Loaning your gate key or card will result in your expulsion from the club.
  4. Personal Lock Boxes are NOT Allowed.
  5. Entrance into the grounds using your gate key is at the North Gate ONLY (Closer to the highway).
  6. A parent or legal guardian MUST accompany a minor when he or she is riding at the track. (See the website for guardian of the day paperwork.)
  7. Riding hours are 9 am to dusk.
  8. NO pit riding/joy riding* on work and race days. (* This refers to dirt bikes, ATVS, bicycles, scooters, golf carts, etc.)
  9. Helmets must be worn when riding.
  10. Please keep your glass bottles at home.
  11. Knobby tires are not allowed on the short track. (If track is wet, stay off please!)
  12. Please do not disturb the neighbors.
  13. Parties and fireworks on club grounds are not allowed.
  14. Riding within 100 yards of track grooming equipment is prohibited.
  15. The earned free ride entry is non-transferable.
  16. All dogs must be leashed and under close supervision.
  17. Misconduct and/or unsportsmanlike behavior of a club member are not permitted.
  18. The consumption of alcohol while participating in club activities at the grounds is prohibited.
  19. You must have proper ID (card and key) when on the club grounds.
  20. New members who have not yet received their card and key may not use the club facility.
  21. The tracks are closed on the days of club approved events.
  22. WORKING MEMBERS: Workers MUST be 16 or older.
  23. WORKING MEMBERS: Most work committee requests have been granted. Be sure to complete seven five hours day in that committee. You may also work elsewhere, but your ability to renew will depend upon your completion of hours in your assigned committee. You must make sure you and your committee head have a record of your hours.