Club Meeting March 4th

The first club meeting of the season is this Thursday, March 4th, 8:00 pm at Aztalan Inn. Come say hi and see what's new this year!

2021 Non-Working Memberships Full

The 2021 non-working memberships are now full. Working memberships are still available. More details on the membership info page.

Celebrating 50 Years

2021 is an exciting milestone for Aztalan Cycle Club. This upcoming year, we’ll celebrate 50 years of great racing and an even better community of motorcycle enthusiasts. Watch for special events at our races to celebrate our history. If you have any photos from racing over the years that you’d like to share, please send to

2021 Event Schedule

2021 will be Aztalan Cycle Club's 50th year.

  • Apr 11 Motocross Race
  • May 9 Motocross Race
  • Jun 12 Motocross Practice
  • Jun 13 Pro-Am Motocross Race
  • Jun 19 Short Track Race
  • Jul 11 Motocross Race
  • Jul 17 Short Track Race
  • Jul 18 Short Track Race
  • Aug 7 GP Offroad Race
  • Aug 8 Motocross Race
  • Aug 21 Short Track Race
  • Aug 22 Short Track Race
  • Sep 10 Senior MX Practice
  • Sep 11 Senior National MX Race
  • Sep 12 Motocross Race
  • Sep 18 Short Track Race
  • Sep 19 Short Track Race
  • Oct 10 Motocross Race

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