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Godspeed, Michael Slechta

Godspeed to our club's first president, Michael Slechta.

Thank you, Michael, for helping to create the legacy of our club which has brought generations of bonding, joy and life-lessons to 1000s of families within 100s of miles of Aztalan.

You'll be missed, sir!

This excerpt from his obituary sums up his love for motorsports. Click here for more.

"He was a lifelong motorcyclist who participated in multiple off-road events which included the Crandon Brush Run. Mike was also an active participant in the Aztalan motorcycle track. He enjoyed traveling the country and the world with his wife, Sharon. Mike was a British car enthusiast who owned various collector cars. He was a Badger Honor Flight volunteer and a member of the Madison MG Club and the American Motorcycle Association."

Attention Racers!

An active American Motorcyclist Association membership (valid for 12 months from joining) and AMA District 16 membership (valid until Dec. 31) are required for participating in all races at Aztalan Cycle Park. An American Motorcyclist Association membership is required for the MX open practices and the Senior MX race but an AMA District 16 membership is not. It would be a great help to obtain these memberships before arriving at the track. Links to join each of these can be found below.

An AMA Annual Release can also be obtained to reduce the necessary paperwork at sign-up, especially for minors. Posessing this card will also only require one parent of a minor to be present rather than both. These cards can be obtained at the following link.

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